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Welcome to Public House. We're on a mission to rejuvenate eating out. At its best, eating out is one of life's great treats, time to feast, chew the fat and take it easy. Sadly, all too often boring food or grumpy service can be the reality. We want to change this.

We're planning a three pronged, fork-like approach;

  • A food and restaurant 'consultancy'
  • A chain of pubs
  • A food-based charity

The consultancy is first up. Founded earlier this year, it's building up steam already. It's our way of inspiring restaurants, pubs and hotels to think bigger and be better. Our team of gurus are all at the very top of their game. They offer honest opinions, practical help and innovative ideas to culture change and add value to your business.

The pubs will be our shop window. We want to practice what we preach and showcase our approach to food and drink. We aim to open our first pub next year. Then after that we'd like to open many more. Watch our blog for updates as the pub plans gain momentum.

Much thinking needs to happen before our charity is up and running, currently we think it may even take us until 2013 to launch fully. What we do know is we have a lot of very clever and passionate people in Public House. This means we have a real opportunity to make a difference. Whilst we plan for this we’ll be volunteering for a variety of local initiatives in preparation.

These are lofty plans, we know, but we love a challenge and have an amazing team, so everything's achievable. Should it take us a little longer to achieve, that's ok, we're not cutting any corners. We want our businesses and those of others we help, to stand the test of time. What is important is that each part of Public House can stand loud and proud as the best in its class. And most importantly raise the bar for eating out.